Friday, 20 April 2012


So I've finally turned 18!!, on Friday the 13th to be exact - Lucky I know but it actually was lucky for me, I had a great birthday week as my best friend dragged her lazy ass from Grimsby to Jersey for the week ..we ended up abusing everyone so now I basically have no friends left over here - Not a great loss they're all future serial killers and rapists (joking ..kind of)-, acting like a total lesbian couple by giving each other massages which I think actually made my boyfriend slightly worried - the bitch will have to deal with it (hoes before bro's) - and drinking/dancing all night Friday ..Should probably not mix as many drinks as we did again ..but the likelihood is we will. At least I didn't have to get a flight home the next day like her :P.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Just have to write a short post about this amazing video I just watched - I'll paste the link below - Can't really start to explain it you just have to watch! Such a powerful thing.   <--- Link ..Really would love one of the KONY bracelets also! may have to order it.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Life Update

Haven't posted in a while so thought I would write a basic update on everything; quick summary:
College: I wanna kill everyone
Family:  I wanna kill everyone
Weather:  I wanna kill everyone   ;) i'm a morbid person.

Unhealthy obsession - No this time it is not a celebrity or new programme etc. it's a game addicting game named 'Temple Run!' I blame my friend Bradley for this obsession and both of our competitive nature which has lead us to constantly fight over which one of us has the highest score (which is him on a ridiculous 11,640,330) I got my new high score of 1,241,072 today in college (time well spent) ..pathetic I know but I was ridiculously excited, it's only taken me 259 games :S

Simple Friend - A while ago i wrote a post entitled 'Shit My Friend Says' well the absolute tool i'm talking about has said some rather interesting new things lol; here they are (Apologise for any offence caused):

"I believe in god, but I think he's a cunt."
"I used to sing to myself in my bike helmet"
"When my Parents go away, we can party like bitches on heat"
"I rev like a whore"
"When you go out clubbing just go up to a pedo and shove your tits in his face to get a free drink"
"He's going to shoot me with his knife"
And finally ........... "Ahhhh someone stab me in the face" - erh if it'll shut you up; HAPPILY

Ahh she makes me laugh, anyway these images basically sum up what i've done recently... aka NOTHING

Friday, 20 January 2012

Summer Resolution

Ok I know this is a bit early considering we're still in January (and there's technically no such thing as a summer resolution); but I've already decided what mine is going to be ..I'm going to learn how to surf! Basically I say this every single year, I then end up going about twice and just stop cos lets face it I'm a lazy bastard. But this year I have no excuses and I'm actually going to do it! The friend I'll learn with can drive so there's no excuses about not being able to get down there and my cousin is giving me his surfboard! So do not need money to rent one out. What you don't know though is that I am actually the most accident prone person going ..not joking I'm a walking Disaster and I will most likely end up in a full body cast ..I'm doing it anyway :P.

You can't live on a small island like Jersey with a million beaches (exaggeration - the islands the size of a rock so its not exactly a million, there are a lot though lol) and not learn how to surf! Seriously excited now, as soon as the weathers good enough I'll be the knob you see thinking their all surfer chick falling off a board out on the waves, can't wait!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sunny Jersey

Wednesday 11th January ..and the weather is like that! I guarantee we'll only actually have a few days like this in summer, the weather freaks me out, it's like a 5year old that can't quite decide whether it wants the blue lollipop or the Orange one wanna punch it. Not complaining of course! loved the fact that I got to finish college and go chill on the beach for a bit :P ..don't love the fact that I wore a black top and leggings though, sweated like a bitch! Fingers crossed this weather keeps up for a bit :D